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Kenney Family Law specializes in complex family law litigation for high net-worth clients

with complicated asset and compensation structures.  Our expertise extends to all aspects of family law including asset division, child custody, spousal and child support, and the

enforcement and modification of existing orders.

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Dividing Marital Property

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Child Custody

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Child and Spousal Support

Dividing a marital estate can be an overwhelming process.  We work closely with our clients and experts to identify and value the community property estate. We strive to develop practical and creative solutions for ensuring the best possible asset division for our clients.

The heaviest burden of divorce is often borne by the children, who are now transitioning from one home to two. Unfortunately, this change in family dynamics can be a source of high conflict for parents who disagree on what is best for the children. Working together with our clients, experts, and the courts, we help develop a parenting plan that will be in the family's best long term interest.

It is vital to the family that each spouse, and the children, continue to receive an appropriate amount of income to provide for their needs.  We work with our clients to ensure that both spouses uphold their financial obligations to the family.


Marriage Planning

Signing a Contract

Mediation and Dispute Resolution



Getting married drastically changes an individual's legal and economic rights. Too often, people enter into a marriage without any understanding of the legal consequences of this decision.  Whether a client is getting married for the first time or is remarrying later in life, we provide advice on the legal effect of an upcoming marriage, including whether a premarital agreement is a good idea for them.

While our practice has a focus on litigation, the majority of our cases settle before trial. Pre-trial settlement is often the best outcome for parties because it reduces risk, legal costs, and the stress of prolonged litigation.  We explore all avenues of settlement to maximize the financial return for our clients.

When settlement fails or simply is not an option, clients may have to bring their cases to trial for a judge to decide the outcome.  Our expertise and value to a client shines in how we organize and prepare a client's case for trial.

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